Concept of International Study

This concept consists of five important elements as a fundamental in structuring international study. The whole study will be performed based on those elements as follows:

Region Limitation
Exploration system of the regions in this study will refer to the same system applied in the internship report (My Internship). All regions found during the internship by utilization of "general keywords" will be performed in renewable energy regions section. It means that regions found after the internship have been finished will not be included in this blog.

This international study is study literature which used internet resources in the process of completing the study. Keywords are divided into:
  • General keywords to find study areas (areas which have developed renewable energy): 100% renewable energy self sufficiency region and renewable energy region.
  • Specific keywords to find region information details (region information details correlated to renewable energy development): renewable energy in Region of Navarra, renewable energy in Kalmar County Council, etc.
  • Special keywords to find supported literature (to support comments and suggestions for the concept): wind energy, renewable energy, etc.
Due to the sources come from internet (articles, official website of regions, official website of research institute, project report, etc), results will be based on those data. Study made without knowing the actual condition in each region because there was no field data gained from region directly.

Method Design
Method design used to make the whole story is case study. For each case would be presented narrative detail from internet search engine minus existing data from the field. Also this case study does not have any contain of dialogue because there was no interview conducting during the process of making and finishing the study.

Phases in Completing the Study
There are five phases executed during the completing process of this study. They are:
  1. Searched and noted study areas which have developed renewable energy. Result: Renewable Energy Regions.
  2. Searched detail information of renewable energy regions.
  3. Integrated whole story for all regions.
  4. Examined each area to select case study region. Result: Special Regions.
  5. Performed comments and suggestions for each special region.

Selection Criteria of Special Regions
Regarding special regions, three criterias has been given as a requirement. In most cases, each of them only meets one. Those criteria are:
  • has implemented and achieved 100% self sufficiency with renewable energy, or
  • has a unusual concept in implementing renewable energy, or
  • has environmental problems in implementing renewable energy.
For special regions will be given some comments and suggestions from my point of view in the end of article. The comment and suggestion concentrate on:
  • if the concept has been successful implemented, what is the current status?
  • if 100% has been achieved, then what is the success factors?
  • can other region implement the concept as well in their region?
  • what kind of lesson can be taken as experience?